AGM 2022

Wednesday 9th March – Doors 7:00 for 7:30 start.

Venue: AFC Totton, Salisbury Road Totton SO40 2RW

All members are invited to attend this years AGM. Entry will only be allowed with your membership card.

Following a committee resolution Feb 2022, a proposal was carried to reform the posts on the committee of Test Valley AC and SPS to better reflect the demands of running the club into the future.

The club is run by volunteers from its membership and the amount of work each committee member has to commit to in order to manage the clubs affairs in a competent manner increases yearly.

The new committee posts roles and responsibilities are directly linked to running the club in a competent and orderly manner and reflect emerging trends such as the importance the internet is having for memberships, accounting, and general information.

The committee propose that the following posts are created to replace the existing posts set out in the constitution of the club:

Chairman (Ex officio) Secretary (Ex officio)
Membership Secretary (Ex officio) Fisheries Manager
Maintenance Manager Communication and IT manager
Treasurer (Ex officio) Head Bailiff
Match Secretary Special Projects Manager

Roles link to the above committee members

Members are invited to put forward nominations for any posts noting that ex officio posts can only be filled by previous committee members with 2 years experience.

For those members who wish to put their name forward please contact the Chairman, a minimum of 24 hours before the meeting. Details of the roles of each post can be found on the web site (EGM & AGM 2022).

Each committee member will serve a minimum 2 year term before the post is re-elected. For Ex-officio posts they will serve an initial 3 year period before their posts are re-elected to prevent all posts being elected to at the same time.

Any questions/comments that you wish to raise at the AGM can be sent to up to 24 hours before the meeting.

Free membership draw to those in attendance.