Fish Care and safe rigs

It is up to all of us to know how to care for the fish we catch. This isn’t just when they’ve been landed on the bank, but also the types of rigs and equipment used. Here are some links on the subject for you to study and share. Some are club rules and so are non-negotiable.

External resources – feel free to suggest any additional links that will assist your fellow anglers (email Here are some useful sites and articles

Angling Times Guide to Rigs –

“Stop using lead clips like this”

Choosing the right lead for carp fishing –

Our bylaws – as a member you must adhere to the following. All rules are available in the Rules section on this site.

Retention – Carp and all other species of 5lb and over must not be retained in any form of keep-net.

Weighing – The weighing of any fish must be done using a properly designed weigh-net or sling.

Relocation – No fish are to be transferred from, or to, any Club water.

Fish return – All fish are to be returned alive, except fish under 6 inches which can be used for live baiting, and in season but always subject to a valid licence.

Absence – No baited tackle is to be left unattended at any time, whether in or out of the water.

Net Size – a landing net of knotless construction and at least 15 inches (37.5cm) wide. When fishing for specimen Pike and Carp, a landing net with arms of not less than 32 inches (81cm.) must be used. Anglers must also have in use an unhooking mat.

Unhooking Mats – Are mandatory on King’s lake. They should also be used on any lake that has fish in excess of 5lb.

Multi hook rigs – Strictly no multi-hook rigs to be used (with the exception of wire trace snap tackle for Pike, though Pike anglers are requested to use single hooks on a wire trace where possible).

Bait – Any form of Bean, Pulse (pea) or Nut baits are strictly forbidden. The use of imitation baits mimicking any natural BANNED bait is also banned, i.e., Tiger Nuts & Peanuts. Boilies should only be used in moderation.

Lead shot – Certain sizes of lead shot are now illegal. Members must ensure that they comply with the
law. Leads smaller than 1 ounce are currently illegal

Snagging -No gaff hooks, gorge hooks or jagging (stroke hauling).

Rigs – No bent hooks or fixed leads for Carp fishing or fixed frame feeder rigs to be used on Club waters

Markers – Marker floats must be immediately removed from the water after casting out your last baited rod

Spinners – Spinners must be over one and a half inches/35mm. long when used on the River
Blackwater to protect the native Trout

Bait Boats – Bait Boats are strictly forbidden on Club waters or property.